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Texas Notary Public FAQ


How do I become a Texas Notary Public? Here is some helpful information:

Requirements to become a Texas Notary Public:

- Texas notary applicants must be 18 years of age or older
- Notary applicants must reside in Texas
- Applicants must not have received a final conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude or a felony.
- You may visit the Texas Notary Public Training website, found here: https://notarytraining.sos.texas.gov/

How to become a Notary Public in Texas

  1. Complete form 2301, found here: https://www.sos.state.tx.us/statdoc/statforms.shtml#NPUF
  2. Purchase a $10,000 notary surety bond and provide proof of the bond
  3. Pay the $21.00 application fee
  4. Purchase your Texas notary supplies

How long is my Notary Term in Texas

- Texas notaries are commissioned for a term of 4 years.

Which Notary Supplies are required to be a Texas Notary Public

- A Texas notary stamp or notary seal is required. A Texas notary stamp is most commonly used.
- A Texas notary seal is permitted and recommended. A seal impression inker may be purchased to darken the notary embosser impression. A notary seal is recommended as some notary clients will expect to see the raised seal.
- Texas notaries are required to use a notary record book (Notary Journal)

Texas Notary Website https://www.sos.state.tx.us/statdoc/notary-public.shtml

To return to the Texas Notary Supply Page, click here: https://www.anchorstamp.com/category/notary-supplies-texas-tx

How to Order Affordable Notary Supplies for Texas

One of the best ways to save money on TX Notary Stamps & TX Notary Seals is to purchase Notary kits also known as Notary Bundles or Notary Packages. These notary kits are arranged with the most commonly ordered, Texas State-Approved Notary Products, packaged together and then discounted. These discounted Texas Notary Kits can be found here, https://www.anchorstamp.com/category/notary-supplies-texas-package-kit In this article we will examine each Texas notary kit and the products they contain.

The cheapest Notary Supply option for Texas notaries is the Basic Notary Kit for Texas, found here at our Texas Notary Store: https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-supplies-texas This TX Notary Package includes: The Self-Inking Texas Notary Expiration Stamp, Texas Notary Seal, and a small notary supply bag. The purpose of this notary kit is to create the lowest-cost option for Texas notaries while maintaining the minimum required items to notarize properly. If you think you may not notarize very often and you’re looking to keep your costs down, this is the notary package for you.

The Notary Supply option with best value is the Value Notary Kit for Texas, found here at our Texas Notary Store: https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-supplies-seal-stamp-texas-package-2 This TX Notary Package includes: The Self-Inking Texas Notary Expiration Stamp, Texas Notary Seal, Notary Record Book, Notary affidavit stamp, and a Large Notary Zippered Supply Bag. This notary kit includes all the items of the TX Notary Basic Kit with three additions, the notary affidavit stamp, the notary record book, and the Large Notary Supply Bag. The Notary affidavit stamp is a very useful item as it documents the date of a swearing of an oath. The Large Notary Supply Bag is a sturdy supply bag that holds all the items of the Texas Notary Value Kit and makes it easy for the notary to organize all their notary supplies. The Large supply bag measures 10 inches high x 14 inches wide and allows the notary to use a combination lock (sold separately) for extra security. The notary combination lock can be found here: https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/Combination-Lock-for-Notary-Supplies-Bag 

The Highest Quality Texas Notary kit is the Deluxe Notary Kit for Texas, found here at our Texas Notary Store: https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/Texas-notary-supplies-seal-stamp-package-3  This TX Notary Package includes: The Pre-Inked Texas Notary Expiration Stamp, Texas Notary Seal, Notary Record Book, Pre-Inked Notary affidavit stamp, Large Notary Supply Bag, and a Deluxe Leatherette Notary Seal Pouch.  This notary kit has the highest quality notary stamps that simply kiss the paper when stamping. These Max-Light notary stamps by Trodat feature an oil-based ink which is much less likely to dry. For the notary that wants the best and expects to use the notary supplies a lot, this is the notary kit for you!

We hope this article has helped you decide which Texas Notary Kits to order. All our TX Notary supplies include many notary stamp variations with multiple notary stamp colors and notary seal upgrades. As always you can purchase your Texas Notary Supplies here: https://www.anchorstamp.com/category/notary-supplies-texas-tx Anchorstamp.com proudly ships Texas notary orders the next business day, includes a free notary pen, and offers free shipping on notary orders of $50.00 or more.

Which Texas Notary stamp should I purchase?

When you purchase your TX Notary Stamp it’s important to know your options. AnchorStamp.com offers a wide variety of Notary Stamps for Texas. The first thing a notary needs to know is that the TX notary stamps are made in accordance with Texas notary guidelines. A Texas notary will then want to know how much do Texas notary stamps cost? At Anchor Stamp, we offer TX notary stamps for all budgets, beginning with a Wood-handle notary stamp to self-inking TX notary stamps, to the highest quality, Pre-Inked TX notary stamps. Anchor Stamp offers Shiny and Trodat brands which reflect our commitment to creating quality Texas notary stamps. Need your notary stamp in a hurry? No worries, Anchor Stamp ships Texas Notary Supply orders the next business day and offers free shipping on notary orders of $50.00 or more. You can purchase your Texas notary stamps right here at our Texas notary store: https://www.anchorstamp.com/category/notary-stamps-texas-1  Let’s look at some of TX notary stamps in detail.

1) The highest quality Texas notary stamps are the Texas Pre-Inked notary stamps. This Texas notary stamp product line uses the Max-Light brand by Trodat. The Max-Lights by Trodat feature a superior oil-based ink, a smooth stamping mechanism and a protective cover. Pre-Inked TX notary stamps can be re-inked, just be sure to use the proper Pre-Ink refill ink.

The most popular Texas Pre-Inked notary stamp is the Pre-Inked TX notary expiration stamp, found here https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-seal-stamp-texas-pre-inked This compact notary stamp includes a standard border to properly frame the state-approved notary information. This TX notary stamp makes a sharp, crisp notary stamp impression every time. The Pre-Inked TX notary stamp is also available in a popular pink frame.

The Pre-Inked TX Round notary stamp is the highest quality round stamp on the market today. This TX notary stamp is used where a photographically reproducible notary impression is needed. Some other applications include scanning, copying and faxing notary documents that a notary embossed image may not apply. We also find that some notaries with arthritis or other disabilities find this round notary stamp to be easier to use than squeezing a Texas notary seal. This quality round TX notary stamp can be purchased at our TX notary store here: https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/texas-notary-stamp-pre-inked-round    

Anchorstamp.com also offers Texas notaries useful Pre-Inked notary stamps such as the Pre-Inked notary affidavit stamp, found here https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/texas-notary-pre-inked-affidavit-stamp, the Pre-Inked Notary Acknowledgement stamp, found here https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-acknowledgement-stamp- , the Pre-Inked Notary Jurat Stamp, found here  https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-jurat-stamp , and the Pre-Inked Notary Certified True Copy stamp, found here https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/certified-true-copy-stamp .

2) Our next high-quality line of Texas notary stamps are Self-Inking notary stamps using the Shiny brand. The Texas Self-inking notary stamps by Shiny feature a high-quality stamp that is also re-inkable. Another very popular notary stamp is the Self-Inking Texas notary expiration stamp. These notary stamps include the state-approved TX notary stamp format with a standard border and the notary’s name and expiration date. This notary product also features various stamp frame colors including Black, Pink, USA Flag, Blue, Red and Lilac. You can purchase this great TX notary stamp here https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-stamp-texas    

Anchorstamp.com offers another quality TX notary stamp, the Self-Inking Round Texas Notary Stamp https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/texas-notary-stamp-round  This high-quality TX Round notary stamp includes a cover that products the notary die from dust and debris. Anchor Stamp offers the stamp frame available in Black, Red, Pink, and Blue.

Anchor Stamp also offers high-quality, useful Self-Inking Notary affidavit stamps, Self-Inking Acknowledgement Stamps and Self-Inking Jurat stamps on our Texas notary stamp supply page https://www.anchorstamp.com/category/notary-stamps-texas-1    

3) The remaining line of TX notary stamps are the Traditional wood-handle notary stamps, the Texas notary traditional expiration stamp https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-rubber-stamp-texas  and notary affidavit stamp https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-traditional-affidavit-stamp . This is the least expensive, old-school, wood handle notary stamp. This product must be used with a notary stamp pad, sold separately.

We hope this informative article has helped you purchase your TX notary stamps. All Texas notary supplies can be purchased here on our Texas notary store, https://www.anchorstamp.com/category/notary-supplies-texas-tx  Anchorstamp.com proudly ships Texas notary orders the next business day, includes a free notary pen, and offers free shipping on notary orders of $50.00 or more.

Which Texas notary seal should I purchase?

Experienced Texas notaries know that there is nothing quite like a raised or embossed notary impression. Many clients will expect to see the raised notary seal as it makes them feel like the transaction is authentic and official. In some cases where documents go out of state, a notary seal is required. When notarizing in Texas, we recommend purchasing a Texas notary seal. Anchorstamp.com offers TX notary seals in most of our TX notary kits. It is important to purchase your Texas notary seal from a company like Anchorstamp.com that manufacturers the seals on site. This will ensure quality and reduce the cost and delivery time of these important notary tools. Anchor Stamp uses the Shiny brand to create our line of quality Texas notary embossers. Our Texas notary seals are made of steel and built to last. Each Texas notary embosser is engraved with pride and tested to meet the highest quality standards. All our Texas notary seals can be purchased right here on our Texas notary Store https://www.anchorstamp.com/category/notary-seal-texas    

Anchor Stamp offers three kinds of Texas notary seals. The first, and most popular is the TX notary pocket seal https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-seal-texas-pocket The pocket seal is named so as it could fit right in your pocket and is preferred by notaries on the go. All our notary pocket seals include a free vinyl storage pouch. Anchorstamp.com offers a wide variety of notary seal upgrades and various color options including Black, Pink, Blue, and Red.

The next Texas notary seal option is the Texas notary desk seal https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-seal-texas-desk This notary desk seal features four rubber gripped feet for the seal to rest on top of your desk without slipping. The Texas notary desk seal is great for higher volume embossing and made for the notary to leverage his/her weight as they seal.

The finest Texas notary seal is the Texas Notary Designer Desk Seal https://www.anchorstamp.com/products/notary-seal-texas-desk-designer . The Texas Designer notary desk seal is the most attractive and distinguished looking item a Texas notary can purchase. This revolutionary design is tested and proven to reduce pressure by 30%. The steel-frame construction makes this Texas notary embosser built to stand the test of time. Anchorstamp.com offers this beautiful seal in Black, Silver, and Gold.

We hope this article about Texas notary seals has helped you purchase your TX notary seals. All Texas notary supplies can be purchased here on our Texas notary store, https://www.anchorstamp.com/category/notary-supplies-texas-tx  Anchorstamp.com proudly ships Texas notary orders the next business day, includes a free notary pen, and offers free shipping on notary orders of $50.00 or more.